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    A niche team of travel professionals and their unique services! 

    We wanted to take a moment to explain how to get the most out of working with Vacation Pros to plan your vacation. We are a team of experts. Each specializes in their specific in depth area of travel knowledge. We personally travel the exact same way our clients do! You will receive the benefit of our experience, knowledge, service, expertise, PLUS we are there for you throughout the entire trip from the research and planning stages, through to getting you home, in case there are any speed bumps along the way.

    Services centred around you.

    We find out all about you. Your travel history, your must haves, your nice to haves, any and all dietary requirements, mobility restrictions, etc. to accurately understand your needs exactly and what you are looking for. From there, we can match you with the perfect destination, resort and local experiences. We will have lots of questions for you, and your answers will help us match you to the right experience. There are thousands of destinations, hotels and resorts out there, and we absolutely love helping you select the best options for you.

    Why you should use a travel professional.

    In terms of what we can offer that you cannot find online - the key factors are:

    • Expertise
    • Personalized Service
    • Value
    • Knowledge and
    • Support

    Due to the nature of travel in this new era, in order to enter into a research and travel management agreement with our clients - after a complimentary consultation - our professional fees will be collected up-front, starting from:

    • Flights only: From $100+HST per trip**
    • All-inclusive holidays: From $250+HST per trip**
    • Multi-component custom holidays: From $450+HST per trip**

    **In order to provide the best service and individualized attention to our clients, an additional fee of $100+HST may apply for last minute inquiries (within 30 days of travel). Please discuss with your travel consultant.

    This non-refundable professional fee includes researching and recommending the best destinations and properties that would work for you as well as recommending the most suitable insurance policy for your needs. Most importantly, we also help navigate the ever changing rules for travel, along with the latest updates and terms and conditions from the tour operators and the resorts, and the destination entry requirements. We will also assist in highlighting the cancellation/change policies with each tour operator, resort and country.

    Discover Vacation Pros Expertise:

    Team members
    PHOTO: Rachel Stewart | Vacation Pros

    Rachel is an expert in celiac travel.

    She has celiac herself and helps plan all travel with dietary restrictions around the world.

    She has planned over 1,000 celiac vacations, hosts gluten free escorted tours globally and advocates for her follow gluten free travellers within the travel industry.

    She'll connect you with the chefs/management and recommend the best restaurants for gluten free on all your trips.

    Team members
    PHOTO: Lindsay Wilson | Vacation Pros

    Lindsay is an expert in Mexico.

    She is fluent in Spanish, French and English - has lived in Mexico with her family and has been to almost every single resort there, in person.

    She has in depth knowledge like what time the sun hits the pool at a resort and the names and phone numbers of the staff.

    Team members
    PHOTO: Sabrina Elliot | Vacation Pros

    Sabrina is an expert in solo and wellness travel.

    She is also gluten free!

    She’s hosted groups paddle boarding in Thailand, Israel and has widely travelled the world solo and with wellness minded individuals.

    She has been in the wellness industry for decades and is currently completing her nutritionist designation.

    Team members
    PHOTO: Ellie Shelton | Vacation Pros

    For your complimentary consultation-please connect to our knowledgeable team of niche agents today.